Happy New Year!

Hello, everyone!

This is Tessara, here with a couple of quick updates on MGP’s goings-on.

As you may have noticed, MGP’s third book, My Body Asunder, is now available through our book shop, as well as through major retailers such as Amazon and Powells. We’re going to have an interview with the author up on the blog later this month, so keep an eye out for that. We’re also planning a couple of guest blogs, writers to be announced.

Now that we’re past the gamut of the holiday season, we’ll be tabling at events and supporting our writers in Portland-area readings, which we’ll be announcing on our Facebook as they are confirmed.

We’re also planning a couple of campaigns, where we’ll be asking for your help in getting our books into bookshops and libraries all over. More info to come, so we hope you’ll look for that and help us out.

As a reminder, I want to mention that we are open for submissions, and would love to look at your work. If you identify with our mission and values, send along your poetry or memoir for our consideration!

Updates: donations, our next book, and a new project!

Yes, we know we’ve been pretty quiet on this end, but there’s definitely stuff happening; here are some updates!

Update the first:

We’ve already made our second donation from the sales of After Ferguson: In Solidarity, this time to Operation Help or Hush.

Paypal receipt for a $50 donation from Mourning Glory Publishing to Operation Help or Hush

We gave $50 to fund their work, which includes buying or making supplies for organizers, supporting and caring for protesters, and providing resources to communities in crisis. Currently, they are accepting donations of non-perishable food, and winter clothing for residents of Ferguson who need help.

We are currently considering organizations for our next donation, so if you are passionate about an organization working to support Black communities, comment here or contact us to let us know about it!

Update the second:

Book cover featuring a cropped photo of a fat body in underwear, faded and cracking, over text which reads "My Body Asunder" and the author's name, Darwin Rose RiviereWe are proud to introduce MGP’s third book!

My Body Asunder is a quarter life memoir about surviving an abusive childhood and finding wholeness as an adult. About the author: Darwin Rose Riviere is a graduate of Marylhurst University’s Creative Writing Program, where they received a full-ride scholarship after living houseless on the streets of Portland.

My Body Asunder will be available for pre-purchase starting on November 23rd and will ship in early December!

Update the third:

We’re putting a call out for women and femme survivors of interpersonal violence who are interested in attending a four week writing and art creation workshop here in Portland. We hope to create a safer space where survivors can re-envision their lives, using poetry, memoir, and visual art for healing expression. At the end of the workshop, participants will be invited to collaboratively create a reading event, where they can read their work and display the art they’ve created. They will have the option to also submit work for a book to be published by Mourning Glory Publishing.

Currently, we are exploring venues and applying for grants to help fund the project. The workshops and event are planned for April 2016, which is National Poetry Writing Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and the birth month of the late Dr Maya Angelou; we hope to honor her legacy and carry on her spirit of candid and revolutionary writing.

After Ferguson, In Solidarity is live all over!

We’ve proofed After Ferguson: In Solidarity, and it’s now live for sale all over the internet, including: Powell’s, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and of course in our shop. As well, the Indiegogo remains active, so folks who want to give a little more can continue to donate and get perks there.

We’ve ordered the books and will start fulfilling perks as soon as they arrive! We’re proud to have completed this project. Thanks to all of our writers and artists for sharing their amazing work with us. Thanks to our supporters who’ve helped us get to this point by boosting our fundraisers. Thanks to folks who’ve bought the book so far. We’re so grateful for the support, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve made our first donation of funds to BYP100: $75 to support their work!

Screenshot 2015-07-28 19.38.03


Reminder: we’re currently open for submissions until August 31st. We’re primarily seeking poetry, essay, and memoir, but we’ll look at lit and genre fiction featuring characters from marginalized communities. For more information, go to: Submissions

Support our press by buying a book in our shop, or share our site on your Facebook or Twitter!

Updates on After Ferguson, In Solidarity

The Indiegogo for After Ferguson: In Solidarity has ended. Since we passed our goal of $500, the Indiegogo will remain active, allowing people to continue donating and getting perks through the site. We will also, of course, be listing the book in our shop soon, and folks will be able to order it there.

We’ve received the proofs, and are currently making sure the book meets our standards before we order a run from the printer and start sending them out. We want people to feel like this book is worth what we’re asking for it, and that it reflects the wishes of the artists and writers who contributed their work. (Sure, the money we’re asking is for donations to organizations that build community and create equity, but we still want this book to be worth it.)

Reminder: we’re currently open for submissions until August 31st. We’re primarily seeking poetry, essay, and memoir, but we’ll look at lit and genre fiction featuring characters from marginalized communities. For more information, go to: Submissions


We got so much support on Indiegogo, we hit our goal! We’ve raised over $500 so far, and we can’t wait to put that money back in the community to do justice work in Black communities. There’s 4 days left in the pre-sales for After Ferguson: In Solidarity. If you’ve been meaning to give and haven’t yet, now’s a great time!

The proofs are on their way from the printer, and over at IGG we announced the first two organizations that we’ll be donating to: the Dream Defenders and the Black Youth Project 100. Please give if you can, and share the campaign to help us do this work.

And don’t forget, we’re currently open for submissions, and we’ve pushed out the deadline to August 31st. We’re primarily seeking poetry, essay, and memoir, but we’ll look at lit and genre fiction featuring characters from marginalized communities. For more information, go to: Submissions

Good news: Indiegogo, Pre-sales, and Submissions

We’ve been pretty quiet here, but plenty has been going on behind-scenes. The Indiegogo campaign ended last week, and though we didn’t hit our goal, we were able to get enough funds to buy necessary assets and move forward. This means three important things are now happening:

Thing, the First: Today, we’ve launched pre-sales of After Ferguson: In Solidarity. We’re in final design stages and are nailing down the last details, and we plan to start shipping books in mid-July. We’re using Indiegogo again, because of the convenience in tracking donors, fulfilling perks, and processing funds that it offers. We’re excited to get this book out into the world, and we hope that you all, and others, will support us.

Thing, the Second: We’ve started fulfilling the perks from the first IGG campaign, with emails going out Monday and physical packages being mailed today. We’re immensely grateful for the support we received, and we hope that our donors are happy with the perks they requested!

Thing, the Third: Drum-roll, please! … Submissions are open! We’ve had folks express interest in the press, and we’re very flattered. Now, we’re finally ready to open up for manuscript submissions, and you can find the details about that here.

Updates on our projects!

It’s been a while since our last update, but we’re excited to announce that we’re moving forward with three books, coming out over the next few weeks!

The press’ founder, Tessara Dudley, is putting out a collection of poetry (proofs are in the mail!), Fallen/Forever Rising. The book was “created as a tribute to victims of police violence and anti-Black repression in the aftermath of the murder of Michael Brown, Jr., in August 2014 […] to honour the struggles of Black Americans, while also holding up the beauty and strength found in the Black experience.”

We’re currently finalising the contents of After Ferguson: In Solidarity. It’s been in the works for several months now, and we’re almost ready to send it to print. We are also in the process of creating a list of organisations to send funds to—if you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments, or send it along to mourningglorypub@gmail.com.

We’re in talks with an amazing writer about putting out the print edition of their memoir—it’s an amazing work and we can hardly wait to share it with you!

Update on collection for Ferguson: Deadline Extension

We are extending the deadline to Friday, December 12, 2014. We hope this will give more people an opportunity to submit. We’ve received several poems and essays, but we’d love more of both, and we’d absolutely like to include the work of visual artists as well.

Please spread the word, and submit your work as soon as possible to mourningglorypub@gmail.com. Thank you for your submissions, and your support.

In love and solidarity,
Mourning Glory Publishing

Updates on the collection for Ferguson

We are adding to the call for submissions:

If you are a person of  colour who creates visual art, we are now taking art submissions for the collection. Unfortunately, the book interiors will be black and white only, so art submissions must be greyscale.

We are also looking for 2-3 essays to include. Essays should be personal, rather than academic or journalistic, and we favour a lyrical writing style.

Submission guidelines for essays: attach essay as a .doc file or paste the work into the body of an email, with the subject “Ferguson Submission”. Please include your name as you would like it to appear on the final version, and if this is a previously published piece, let us know.

Submission guidelines for art: attach art as a .png  or high quality .jpg file. In the body of the email, provide 1) your name as you would like it to be published, 2) the title of the piece, and 3) any additional information you would like included, such as inspiration or the emotion that spurred creation of the piece.

Please spread the word, and submit your work as soon as possible to mourningglorypub@gmail.com—we are looking to move on this as fast as we can. Ideally, we’ll have enough submissions to put together our first volume by Friday, December 5, 2014.

In love and solidarity,
Mourning Glory Publishing