What we’re looking for:
Mourning Glory Publishing is a radical small press created to showcase the work of writers from marginalised communities, who often have a lot of difficulty in seeking traditional publication. We prefer radical politics over more traditional politics, and we are primarily interested in uplifting the voices of people of colour, people with disabilities, people raised in and living in poverty, LGBTQ2IA+ people, neuroatypical/neurodivergent people, immigrants & refugees, oppressed religious groups, and others.

We are now accepting submissions of book-length manuscripts (60+ pages for poetry, 75,000+ words for prose). Currently, we’re publishing poetry and personal essay/memoir, though we will consider literary fiction. We are not currently accepting academic writing or genre fiction.

Formatting your manuscript:
Your manuscript should include a cover page with title, word count, and contact information. It should be paginated, and in 12pt Times New Roman or similar font. (Here’s one example of how to format a manuscript.)

Submitting your work:
To submit your work electronically, send the .doc file of your manuscript in an email to, with the subject “[Genre] Manuscript Submission”. To submit your work by post, direct the envelope to:

Mourning Glory Publishing
PO Box 16513
Portland, OR 97292

We will notify you by email upon receipt of your manuscript. If you send your manuscript by post and would prefer to be notified by same, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. All manuscripts will be reviewed in September and October 2015.

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