Call for submissions!

[Submissions now closed–thank you, everyone!]

Attention, creatives of colour!

As you may know, it was recently announced that Darren Wilson will not be indicted for shooting Michael Brown, Jr. This has caused mass demonstrations across the United States, as Black and brown people, along with white anti-racists, have voiced our anger and frustration at a system that systematically denies us basic human rights and takes the lives of our community members every day.

Every 28 hours, a Black person in the United States is shot by police. This violence touches our communities nearly once a day. 108 days after Mike Brown was shot, the system failed his community. Across the nation, we have risen in support. However, not all of us can be in the streets, and not all of us have funds or resources to give. One thing we do have is our voice.

This call is our effort to provide support from afar. We intend to create a poetry collection—perhaps of more than one volume, depending on number of submissions—featuring the work of people of colour about or in support of protesters in Ferguson. The collection will be called After Ferguson.

If you are interested in being a part of this:

Send us a poem (or more than one, if you’d like) about issues pertaining to Ferguson—this could be struggle and police violence, but it could also be Black beauty and resilience; there’s room for hope here. If you feel comfortable, record yourself reading or performing the work, and send it along; we are hoping to showcase the videos on our YouTube and share them, along with a link to buy the collection.

Send us visual art: photographs, paintings, drawings, etc. Again, work should be relevant to Ferguson, but this does not mean just protests. Note, however, that the book interiors will be black and white only; art submissions must be greyscale.

Send us personal essay: we are looking for 1-2 essays to include in the collection. Essays should be personal, rather than academic or journalistic, and we favour a lyrical writing style.

Submission guidelines for poems and essays: attach as a .doc file or paste the work into the body of an email, with the subject “Ferguson Submission”. Please include your name as you would like it to appear on the final version, and if this is a previously published piece, let us know.

Submission guidelines for art: attach art as a .png  or high quality .jpg file, with the subject “Ferguson Submission”. In the body of the email, provide 1) your name as you would like it to be published, 2) the title of the piece and the date it was created, and 3) any additional information you would like included, such as inspiration or the emotion that spurred creation of the piece.

After printing costs, funds raised will be donated to organisations on the ground supporting protestors and working to better Black American communities and lives.

Please spread the word, and submit your work as soon as possible to—we are looking to move on this as fast as we can.

In love and solidarity,
Mourning Glory Publishing

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