Updates: donations, our next book, and a new project!

Yes, we know we’ve been pretty quiet on this end, but there’s definitely stuff happening; here are some updates!

Update the first:

We’ve already made our second donation from the sales of After Ferguson: In Solidarity, this time to Operation Help or Hush.

Paypal receipt for a $50 donation from Mourning Glory Publishing to Operation Help or Hush

We gave $50 to fund their work, which includes buying or making supplies for organizers, supporting and caring for protesters, and providing resources to communities in crisis. Currently, they are accepting donations of non-perishable food, and winter clothing for residents of Ferguson who need help.

We are currently considering organizations for our next donation, so if you are passionate about an organization working to support Black communities, comment here or contact us to let us know about it!

Update the second:

Book cover featuring a cropped photo of a fat body in underwear, faded and cracking, over text which reads "My Body Asunder" and the author's name, Darwin Rose RiviereWe are proud to introduce MGP’s third book!

My Body Asunder is a quarter life memoir about surviving an abusive childhood and finding wholeness as an adult. About the author: Darwin Rose Riviere is a graduate of Marylhurst University’s Creative Writing Program, where they received a full-ride scholarship after living houseless on the streets of Portland.

My Body Asunder will be available for pre-purchase starting on November 23rd and will ship in early December!

Update the third:

We’re putting a call out for women and femme survivors of interpersonal violence who are interested in attending a four week writing and art creation workshop here in Portland. We hope to create a safer space where survivors can re-envision their lives, using poetry, memoir, and visual art for healing expression. At the end of the workshop, participants will be invited to collaboratively create a reading event, where they can read their work and display the art they’ve created. They will have the option to also submit work for a book to be published by Mourning Glory Publishing.

Currently, we are exploring venues and applying for grants to help fund the project. The workshops and event are planned for April 2016, which is National Poetry Writing Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and the birth month of the late Dr Maya Angelou; we hope to honor her legacy and carry on her spirit of candid and revolutionary writing.