Fundraising! And More…

Hello, all!

We’re excited to announce an Indiegogo campaign for MGP has recently launched! We have a bunch of different reward levels, and awesome perks for those that give, so head on over to check that out, and please share with your friends/fam/followers.

In other news, after a stall, we’re moving again on After Ferguson: In Solidarity. AFIS was the first project we started, and it’s been a bit of a rough go, but we’re moving on it again, and we hope to have more news for you ASAP.

And lastly, we’re opening submissions in June! (Hopefully, the Indiegogo will be a success, because that’ll make things easier…) We will be accepting poetry and memoir/essay manuscripts, and we may take a look at your genre fiction if you send it in. There’ll be more info about that late next month, so watch this space.

That’s it for now—don’t forget to share our Indiegogo with your folks, and give if you can. Thanks!